Prepress Checklist: To ensure that your files are output correctly, we have developed the following list of requirements. If you have any questions regarding these requirements, please contact us at 061 498 031 or e-mail We can accept the following media: email(10MB Limit), FTP Site or CD. Please do not try to email any files greater than 10MB. FTP site details will be provided when requested at

A hard copy and trial separation or soft copy PDF should accompany every file to be outputted!

In Your Layout Program Please:

  • Templates for all standard artwork is avaiable on our website here .
  • Ensure that all fonts (screen & printer fonts) are included with the file. Ifyou have any placed images that contain fonts please include those as well or change them to outlines.
  • Black text/barcodes should be 100%K i.e True Black.
  • All images must be embedded in artwork file.
  • If spot color is used, this will incur an extra cost if also used with CMYK i.e more than 4 plates.
  • A minimum of 3mm background bleed is required, whilst keeping all text/logos at least 3mm within the cutting line.
  • Crop marks and registration marks must not be used in the file as they will be manually added by in print process.
  • Ink Seperation‚Ķ Not more than 350% CMYK saturation at any point in the artwork file.
  • Minimum text size 5 point to be used in any artwork element.

Note: Please ensure to create images in CMYK format and not RGB!

Accepted Formats:

  • High Res PDF (Recommended)
  • Illustrator
  • PhotoShop

Note: All Associated Fonts and Images should be supplied, if not, please embed fonts.

Preparing Your Artwork
Cut Lines

All artwork must be prepared using relevant template. The template should be taken from the dimensions supplied by

Customer Approval will prepare a final proof in pdf format for your approval prior to printing. All electronic files will be pre-flighted prior to printing your project.

Digital Printing

We also accept the following Hi-Res Formats:

  • Adobe Acrobat PDF 300dpi
  • JPEG 300dpi
  • Tiff 300dpi

If we are preparing new artwork for you, it is important that you thoroughly check your design before we print it. We will always supply a proof for approval prior to print, PDF proof are sent digitally via Email. They are ideal for checking layout and content but are not colour accurate and so are of little use when there are issues of colour, such as matching to a House Colour.