Monthly Archives: April 2015

What is CMYK?

Most printed materials you will see are printed in CMYK.  CMYK stands Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black and the text or images that you see printed are created using various combinations of those base colours. When you mix Cyan and Magenta in equal parts you get blue. Mix Magenta and Yellow in equal parts and get Red. […]

Happy customers

Speaking of referrals and happy customers, we printed some A0 vinyl posters and point of sale struts for a customer recently (  The client was very happy, and they looked great, if we do say so ourselves.  Some images below ..[mk_gallery images=”1403,1404,1405″ column=”3″ height=”500″ frame_style=”simple” disable_title=”true”]

New Business

With everything that has to be done during the day, we only get around to doing paperwork, invoicing, VAT etc late at night. Last night I was sitting reviewing the new customers we won over the last 2 weeks. I hadn’t noticed it before but we had 2 new customers with the same surname, involved […]


We’ve recently joined the Thomond Chapter of BNI in Limerick as the resident print business. One of the things it got us thinking about was a good memory hook that we can use to promote our printing business and make it easier for people to remember what we do (in case you dont know we […]


When buying printed materials it’s vital to check that you’re not overpaying VAT. Many printers don’t know that depending on your product you should be charged one of four possible VAT rates (0%, 9%, 13.5% or 23%). Not all print products are “vatable” at the same rate. For VAT registered clients it’s not an issue […]